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Although no bigger than the state of Maryland, Taiwan is a place of tremendous cultural diversity, extraordinary landscapes, varied cuisines, as well as Asia’s most vibrant democracy. A self-governing de facto country for more than 70 years, Taiwan is a world leader in semiconductor technology and scientific innovation. Taiwan is regarded by Communist China as a breakaway province to be reclaimed by force if necessary.

Taiwan has been a political pawn in the drama of international politics since the Cold War began. After the Russian invasion of Ukraine beginning in February 2022 - with the support of the government of Communist China - the future of a free, independent and democratic Taiwan has become more threatened than ever before.

This website is intended help interested readers learn more about Taiwan. As we get to know a people and their homeland, we feel a closer connection to them. This may inspire us to care about their lives and be concerned about their future. At this critical time in Taiwan’s history, Westerners especially need to learn more about Taiwan and its people, history and culture. Hopefully this may lead to a greater appreciation of Taiwan and its unique and important position in world affairs.

Based primarily on Nathaniel Altman's acclaimed book Taiwan: Fifty Things You Didn't Know, the goal of this website is to offer a unique, comprehensive and intimate portrait of Taiwan, with information about Taiwan's history, politics, cultural traditions, institutions and things uniquely Taiwanese. Based on more than a dozen extended visits to Taiwan over a 25-year period, this blog reveals little-known facts about one of the most fascinating – yet least understood - countries in the world.



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